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What is

HeatMap Kit?

Heatmap Kit is a PHP library that with a few lines of code allows you to represent via an intensity map geolocalized spatial data.
Heat Map Kit offers a visual overlay for Google maps (or any other map server) so you can show graphically your data. One may specify:

  • The data color scheme.
  • The level of smoothing.
  • The allowed zoom levels, visor size, dot size, ...
  • Turn on and off a worldwide watermask.

And many other features.

Live example

Live example description:

  • Year 2000 population density of the USA.
  • Data Resolution: by county.
  • Data source:
  • Data format: CSV file with 36313 data rows.
  • Dot size: 1px
  • Max. threshold: 1500000
  • Min. threshold: 1000
  • WaterMask: active
  • Color scheme: Color scheme
View code for this map

Heatmaps “à la carte”: custom solutions and support on demand.

  • Do you need a custom solution?
  • Do you just prefer not to bother about technical issues?
  • Do you have a special need?
  • Do you need to integrate the software in other platform?

The support team of Heat Map Kit can do all of this for you and much more.
You have two options:

  1. For minor developments: buy some support tickets.
  2. More ambitious projects: ask for a quote..

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